Best Disney Animated Movies

According to me animated movies are better then any other kind of movies nowadays…..Because there is no vulgar,terrorism and bad motivations.Only Good thoughts with cute characters.Moreover it ll be a feast for our creativity….

The best of the Disney animated movie collection is listed below.. Don’t agree with the list? Place your comments……Also share the comments about the nice ones in these films..

1) The Lion King

2) Beauty And The Beast

3) Aladdin

4) Toy Story

5) The Little Mermaid

6) Mulan

7) The Jungle Book

8 ) Robin Hood

9) Cinderella

10) Treasure Planet

And the some other films I love are Monster Inc.(Nice Master with Cute Child),Ant Bully(Little Lucas with Hover(A caring female ant)),Ice Age 1 and 2,Cheffs rattatoulie,Harton Hears the Who(A Hard mummal with soft heart)………

Comments are invited……

One thought on “Best Disney Animated Movies

  1. Hey bala, I saw your blog on Data cards, it was good, but listing your favourite animation movies and asking opinions ABOUT IT IS TOO MUCH !!!!! šŸ˜› ok ok cool cool, try explaining each step a little bit more, because people who view a blog mostly won’t be technical people. Newbies come here in search for answers, so take time to explain each step a little more, see my first wordpress blog also and also check out

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