Hindi Ghajini Review

Ghajini ….Ya the most beautiful film got a rebirth with my favorite aamirkhan..
I m very much exited about this and waiting for a long time to catch this film since the
first day of the film shooting..
At Last i got the film from my friend’s pendrive ( the damn pendrive put lots of viruses
in my system )…The next day i have visual programming lab..But how can i study with this
most awesome film….
So i forgot the lab and started the show..As i already saw the tamil ghajini i can pin
point each and every minute of the storyline..So it started boring…Moreover i felt that its not the kind of amir’s film..
But at last i find a surprise in the climax.ya they changed the climax a bit for hindi
peoples.It was nice and undoubtfully it scored more points then tamil ghajini climax..
So by overall performence surya( Hero of Tamil Ghajini) scored more points than Aamir…Hard to say but what to do…anyway aamir rocks….

Hey the next day i did the Visual programmming lab successfully and got the output….Hurray….:-)

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