Installing Ubuntu inside Windows

Last weak two of my friends formatted their entire hard disk data because of installing linux……

One fine morning I m shocked to here this…Because the previous night only i spent four full hours to download some materials from the net.When i finished my downloading it was 1.00 am..I didnt have any pendrive and i was also not in the mood of searching a pen drive to copy my contents..So i left all those materials in my friend’s system…The next day he did some research with his Ubuntu hardy heron and mess up the entire system…Aaaahhh….wat to do…

They formatted their entire hard disk and lost their( mine too) precious data.I dont know why peoples are refusing to follow the simple instructions those are given during the installation.Ubuntu is one of the distro with damn simple installation steps.But most of the people failed during the partition step.So let me introduce an alternate procedure for installing Ubuntu inside your windows.


You can install ubuntu as a software undere your Windows operating system.You can also remove it any time as like as any other software.Just follow the simple steps given below…

1.Download wubi.exe for the ubuntu version you have.

2.If you dont have any ubuntu iso file then wubi ll download it if you have a good internet connection.

3.Otherwise download ubuntu iso file and put it in the same directory of wubi.exe

4.Double click wubi.exe .Give some formal inputs.Give atleast 6 GB of Hard disk.

5.Click install button.After a minute it asks or reboot.

6.After rebooting select Ubuntu in the newly installed grub menu.Wait for the installation to complete.

7.Fine.Now you got the ubuntu without hurting your windows operating system and your precious data.


1. Always do proper shut down for your Windows Operating System.

2.Dont delete any files in the ubnutu installation folder.


For Ubuntu ISO click here

For wubi jus google it …Give Key word like Download Wubi(version)

Data are precious..Have a great day…


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