Convert Wubi Installation to Regular Installation

Hai do you Install Ubuntu using Wubi Installer..Dont know what is WUBI..Jus read the post below..An exciting utility that allows you to install ubuntu inside windows without any need to format. any of your partitions…

Ok now you installed ubuntu inside your windows operating is hassle free but if your windows operating system is crashed then it ultimately means that you lost your ubuntu operating system also….
But it is good to try wih WUBI..ok now you tried and inspired by ubuntu and wants to make it as a separate operating system means not dependent of windows..
Here is your utility…It is called as LVPM.It is available as .deb packages on theĀ  internet.So just spend a minute in google to grab it..
Jus double click the file to install.It is like .exe (for windows) forubuntu.So you installed it now.Now open the application through accessories tab(located in your desktop menu bar).
There you need to specify a dedicated partition for ubuntu.Back up all the data in that partition because that is going to be formatted as ext3 ( File System ).
Thats all.. wait some may take more than 15 minutes.After that

it..Successfully moved to an external partition.Bingo:-)


One thought on “Convert Wubi Installation to Regular Installation

  1. That seems an excellent idea. This idea of Eco-IT that I have should mean integrated systems, as well as minimum cost, minimum hassle for the ordinary user. Steps to the ideal blog?

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