Split and Join A file in Linux

Hai friends,

Have you ever stucked up with a large file which doesnt fit in your pen drive.If you say YES then here is the solution.

I have a 8GB file in my system.I need to transfer it to my friends system.But i have only 4GB pendrive( No other connectivities ;-)).Here is powerful linux command to help you.

[bala@mint bala]$split -b 200m image.iso

This command will split the fedora.iso file into 200mb files.

say If it is 400 mb,the command will split it into to 200 mb files.The files are named like x_ _ ,x__ by default

[bala@mint bala]$cat x*>new_image.iso

This command will join all the splitted files.



2 thoughts on “Split and Join A file in Linux

  1. superb !

    have u tried Mandriva ? I use Ubuntu in my laptop and Mandriva in my pc,along with XP. I feel Mandriva is more user friendly than Ubuntu , the latter has a large following !

    • Cool..let me try mandriva..I tried it before and switched to ubuntu as it crashes frequently .Now it is stable i hope.But i prefer fedora nowadays.;-)

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