Ubuntu Password Hack doesnt work on WUBi Installation

Hi friends,
Two days before, my friend asked me to recover his ubuntu password as he
forgot it.Am very happy because just before some days i learned how to hack ubnutu password (See my previous posts).I kicked his system to start and follow those simple steps that i provided in my post.They were amazed a bit (;-).
I successfully find his username and changed his password too.But after restarting the damn doesn’t work.Oh..god what is going on.I tried 3 times and nothing happened.Then i asked him about the installation.Yeah…It was installed using WUBI(A wonderful tool to install Ubuntu inside Windows.For more info See my previous posts). Then i came to know that my hack doesn’t work on WUBI. But am searching to hack WUBI. As soon as possible,I ll be back to kick off WUBI ;-).




4 thoughts on “Ubuntu Password Hack doesnt work on WUBi Installation

  1. What hack were you using?

    I don’t see why booting into recovery mode would not work. That logs you on as root and from there you should be able to reset the user password:

    passwd username

    • Thanks for your feedback ubuntucat.I need some clarification from you.I put my comments here.If you not accept pls reply me so that i can clarify myself.
      Booting into recovery mode ll give you the option “Drop into root shell”.But you need to give your root password to drop into the root shell.So if an user forgot his user account password then most probably he may lost his root password too…
      Thats why i gave that method.As for as my concern accessing a resource in an unauthorized manner can be called as hack.so i used the word hack.

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