Happy Friendship Day!!

        Friendship truly manifests itself in form of pleasure, happiness and trust we feel inside us. It is a sheer privilege to have some wonderful friends. It is always a two way journey. You love your friends and they love you. What you cannot share with anybody else in the world, you can always share with your friend. From school days to college days and even in your old age, they are always beside you. Friendship is all about sharing and caring. There is hardly any secrecy between friends. One tends to forget his problems and sorrows with a friend by his side. Even when you are all down and out, it is your friends who play a major role in cheering you up. They don’t let you down. If you have low expectations, you will have amazing friends.

      Friendship is one of the best gift for any human being. Some wonder why we need friends. The simple answer is because friends are unique and they cannot be replaced. We have our family but that’s because we are born in a certain place and in a certain family. We did not choose our family. But with friends, we choose them. Friendship is not related to any sort of blood relationship and yet we thrive on it. Friends are great helping hands. They are the people we can always rely upon and count on them in times of needs. It is a magical concept and life is never complete without having few good friends.


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