Workshop on Lamp

Hi Friends,
       I m glad to announce that we were successfully organized a two day
Hands on workshop on LAMP ( Linux,Apache,Mysql,Python ) at 22.8.2009
and 23.8.2009.
 Here is the workshop summary,
      DAY 1
        1)MySQL, Introduction
        2)Apache httpd, The universal web server
        3)PHP, core scripting language
        4)php – mySQL, the soup of web development
      DAY 2
        1)here we learn about Python
        2)In the second part of the day we learn about object oriented python
      BRUSH UP:( You need to study on these topics before the workshop )
        HTML,CSS,SQL(dml,ddl,dcl),oops,Basic webtechnology
             The workshop was wonderfully taken by Mr.RaviJaya.Students were
really exited.I hope to conduct a lot in the future.
       We thank our staff coordinators,student friends and our HOD for
their immense effort in organizing this workshop.


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