How to setup Demo Stalls?

Hi guys,
These days almost all coleges are conducting various exhibitions and students are supposed to put demo stalls.But students should really follow the guide lines given below before making any demo stalls.
I made these instructions just by my experience.Anyone having conflicts with me can post their comments here.
I want you to add more guidelines via the comments.If it is best i will add it.
Executing Hello world programs is enough to give a start up.But
Clearly state the following things,
1.What is that?
2.Why we need that?
3.How it came to existance?
4.How to competes with its competitors ?
5.Basics ( syntax etc.)
6.What are all the tools available.
7.real time scenarios and your simple codes.
8.Make a good deal of resource materials,website links,ebooks to
give to the viewers if they are interested.





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