Network Simulator 2 [ The Great NS2]

Hi guys,
  Today i installed ns2 on my friends laptop.The installation procedure is very
easy.Just boom the install file and it ll compile all code pieces for you.Then you
need to set the path for the libraries and bin of ns( To set path refer my
previous posts).
  I just made a simple program ( foo.tcl ).Then compile it using nm.It produces
out.nam file.Then i run the out.nam file using nam(network animator).I saw the
nodes just i created minutes before in the tcl script.Thats really cool.


10 thoughts on “Network Simulator 2 [ The Great NS2]

  1. Hello.
    His great interest in this issue, can you help me create a project NS2 and compile it in Eclipse? I Install Cygwin in your Windows. You are having trouble on this issue. Hope you help yourself.

    • Hi pmtu,
      I m happy to help you if it is possible.Exactly define your problem and your needs and let me see how can i help you.

      • Hello,
        I’m happy to your help.
        I’m doing the graduation project with “Routing in P2P”, so I need to do experiment simulations about P2P.
        I know that NS2 based on C + + and OTCL language, but according to what I search on google, the code of OTCL and C + + are written difficult (because have a little tool to support ),.
        I want to find a tool like the . Net programming.
        Beside I know that NS-2 can work on Eclipse, I did step by step instructions to install Cygwin, NS-2.2.29 and TCL, but my problem is not known how to create a project, how to compile NS-2 in Eclipse. I need some code examples about NS-2 demo projects in Eclipse.
        Thank you very much.

      • Hi,
        I dont understand what you mean to say.If you are asking any documentation means they are available online.I found that the ns2 documentation itself is quite enough with good examples to learn.Try it.All the Best 😉

  2. Dear
    I am a student of Vietnam. I am doing thesis on Manet. I want to simulate my thesis by ns-2. My first step as follows: I send a packet between the wireless node, it success. But I send a packet from the wireless node to the base station is unsuccessful.
    How to send packets from node to wireless base station?
    Please help me. Thank you very much.

  3. a final year student majouring in Computer science and engineering of North South University of doing thesis on finding the location of base station in a specified area from a fixed mobile station.I employes PSo,,Walfsch batonia model and matlab.Now I want employ netwok stimulation 2 to locate the base stationCan u help me find the C++ and otcl script that will run in Ubuntu softwared.

    • Hi,
      I cant help you in this regard.Try google it.As for as i know if you want write ns2 code then eclipse will be a good companion.

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