A Coolest Instant messanger for your Linux

Hi guys,
I m a great fan of pidgin once.It works great provides many features.Just replaced my google talk.But in recent days pidgin didn’t connect to net.At most it works for a month after a fresh
installation.So i m frustrated and searched for a good alternative.I hate kopete as it is an KDE app and doesn’t look cool in gnome. Then i came to know about yuuguu and just gave a try.Its a desktop sharing application with a built-in chat manager.I loved it.It is developed using Java.It lacks in user interface.Works very slowly sometimes.And it is not made for chatting.
At last i came to know that empathy is cool enough for chat ( Source : Ravi jaya’s post in ilugc mailing list ).I installed it using my yum.No tweaks,just the yum install empathy command did the work for me.Then i configured my google account.Bingo!!! it is so cool.Let me update how it works after a month ;-).( Hope it wont go mad like pidgin ).
EMPATHY SITE : http://live.gnome.org/Empathy

Balachandar.K.M. – LOVE WITH LINUX –


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