Antivirus for Linux operating systems

Hi guys,
Dont be puzzled by reading the heading.Let me tell you some scenarios.Then you will come to know whether you need an antivirus for linux or not.

Situation 1:
You are having a dual boot system with Windoze and Linux.You copied some files from your friend’s pendrive ,You didnt checked it and made a blind copy because you have linux and what the hell the virus can do( You thought in your mind ).Now you are logged into your windows operating system.All the sleeping viruses will woke up and start eating your system.What will you do????

Situation 2:
I have a system with one and only operating system and that is linux.But somehow you copied some viruses into your system and not aware of it.You sent a mail with an attachment( assume it contains some viruses and you are not aware of it ) to your friend who is using windoze.What will happen ????Bang!!!
Even you gave some data to your friend via pendrive or some other medium.If it contains some viruses then what will happen?? Bang again !!!

Solution :
Dont think that linux has no antivirus software.Even kasperski is providing one for linux.But it is proprietary and we need to spend some money.Regular updates ,regular patches,regular license
upgrades,painful ( pay money again ) version upgrades.So it is BLACKLISTED from our list.Then is there any FOSS ( Free and open source software ) for this pursose ??
Yes it is .CLAMAV.You can just install it with yum ( for
redhat,fedora) or apt-get ( Debian,ubuntu ).Install the following packages.
1.CLAMAV ( Engine)
2.CLAMAV-UPDATE ( Updater)

Some useful commands to work with clamav:
3.freshclam ( Update )
4.clamtk ( To start GUI )

HINT : You can clean your windows system from linux using clamav 😉 This is so cool isnt it ??

Just give a try instead of finding kasp keys dude.Worth to use 😉


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