BSNL NIC Card in Fedora 11 ( No need to configure )

Hi friends,
     If you have a bsnl nic card then this post is for you.When i bought my nic card ( almost a year ago ) , i need to do several steps to configure it to use it in my ubuntu 8.04.Then i followed the same instructions in other distributions too.In fedora 10 i can configure it in the same way ,even wvdial shows the primary and secondary ip addresses but i coudnt send are receive any data packets( ping didnt work ).I recently installed fedora 11 and it works fine with my wi-fi.So i doesnt care about my NIC card.Last week my wi-fi sucks and i just gave a try to my NIC card.Wow !!! i just configured my Network Manager applet’s mobile broadband connection option to add a new connection.( Just enter your name,password and number to dial thats all bingo!! ) .The NIC card works fine.The connection is shown when you click the applet and just a click on the connection name will connect the NIC card.No need to follow any steps anywhere. So cool..isnt it ? 😉

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