A Weird Bug in Fedora 11 ( Leonidas )

A Weird Bug

Hi friends,
When i m working with my fedora 11 i found out this weird bug.I tested it twice and i m sure it is a bug.

1.Log in to your gnome desktop environment.
2.Mute your volume ( through the volume manager placed on the right top of your desktop panel ).
3.Now logout and login to the KDE desktop environment.
4.Now Ummute your volume ( through the same app said above.Here you can find in the bottom panel).
5.Even after unmuting you cant hear any sound.

Temporary FIX :
1.Logout from KDE and login to your GNOME session.
2.Now unmute your volume ( If i unmute volume in kde then it is not reflected in gnome.But the vice versa is false ).
3.Logout from gnome and login to KDE.Now you can hear your audios and videos.

ah..wow.I found a temporary fix for a bug.lol 😉

Really a strange bug.Isn’t it??

I tested it in HP Pavilion dv6000.If you have a different system then check this out and comment me.


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