A Geeky Experience With Puppy

Hi guys and gals.

Yesterday i went to my hostel cc(computer center) for browsing.Before that i need to tell about my cc.A place where all the old computers of my college were used to be dumped.Few old mac pc’s even steve may hate them and a few compaq pc’s( 128MB ram,50 GB harddisk and bla bla bla).Only a five working pc’s  enough intro to my cc.

Yeh..I went little late and thats it the cc is full.But i was amazed that one system was left free and that was working fine yesterday.I enquired and got to know that somehow the IP address was changed and admin rights were needed to set them back.Unfortunately they couldnt find one.Oh..wow..I thanked god and sat infront of that system.

I wish to try out my luck.I put my puppy linux and the 128 MB ram is quite enough for it.Loaded quickly and i set the IP and proxy settings in a minute.And fired up the eth connection.Cool the sea monkey inside puppy loads google in awesome fast.Everyone was puzzled and i got some geeky feel.And i happily browsed for an hour then i wish the IP shouldn’t be fixed for ever in windoze;-)




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