Puppy A Swiss-knife for your Pendrive

Hi guys,

I want to talk about puppy.Not my cute little pet dog.It is a linux distribution that can be installed in a pendrive.Yes it needs only a 100+ MB memory space.So a 2GB pendrive is cool enough to go with puppy.

Installing Puppy in a Pendrive :

1.Download puppy linux iso file from http://www.puppylinux.org

2.Write the iso to a CD in bootable format.

3.Boot your system with the CD.It ll ask few questions very simple enough to answer.If you stuck anywhere just choose the default option.

4.Once your puppy is ready lets bark..oops..;-)

5.Plug in your pendrive.Go to puppy system menu and use Gparted to format your pendrive and dont forget to set the boot flag.

6.Now open up puppy universal installer and go through some blind questions to install it to your pendrive.

7.Whooo…you made it.Puppy have the stripped version of many cool apps including open office.

Thats all..just change your bios to set your boot priority and enjoy puppy anywhere and feel your coolness everywhere đŸ˜‰





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