Republic Day : 61

Hi friends,
Today 61st republic day of India.Our freedom fighters and leaders bought this for our welfare after a great struggle.The day we need to remember and to  salute them for their hard work for us.Most of us don’t understand this at all.
Incident No.1 :
My college celebrated the 61 st republic day at 08.00 am.But only 1/4th of our students attended the ceremony and the rest were busy sleeping,chatting and blabbering.They just think this day as just another day in their life.
Incident No.2 :
During the ceremony some students made unnecessary comments.Some peoples don’t even know how to behave in this important occasion.I am so frustrated and want to slap them on their face.Poor guys they don’t feel the freedom that they have in our country.I want this attitude to change soon.
My Request :
Dear friends,
In your life you have to stick to some priciples and you have to respect your country in anytime.Please put this in your mind and follow it through your whole life.
I dont want to talk to much about this as i want to enjoy this day.Bye guys 😉
–with regards,

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