Tweet Using SMS for FREE

Hi guys,

Twitter is the most popular micro blogging site i have ever seen.Recently i too got addicted to it and i love to be.At one point of time i thought of the ways to tweet from my system in a convenient way.I wrote a small shell script to tweet at regular intervals as well( you can find it on my previous posts ).But now we are going to tweet using sms.

In India Airtel is the only official service provider to tweet and they cost three bucks for a tweet which is so high and only very few or none can spend that much for a tweet.So i searched various alternatives and i end up with,


It is awesome.Very simple to register and thats it.But the sadest part is at present they are having only a Bangalore and mumbai number.So you need to send a national sms for every tweet.Soon they ll provide more local numbers.If you are lucky you ll get a local number for your region soon 😉

Happy tweeting guys 😉

–with regards,



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