How to successfully organize a F/OSS meet

Hi guys,
I(We) organized a 3 day F/OSS awareness program in my college during the open house exhibition – 2010.I really learnt a lot from this program.You can learn and demostrate a technical stall in ease.Thats what i did last time and that seems so cool for me.But organizing is really a hectic job and that needs lot of patience and tiredless hardwork.
Rule 1:
Gather atleast more than 10 volunteers ( Who really want to work with you,not for the namesake ) for each technical and non-technical
Rule 2:
Sit down with the group,think and note down all the needs and problems.Make a plan for the entire function with time schedule.
Rule 3:
Get the official support from a higher authority ( In college you can take the help of an professor ) who can control the students.
Rule 4:
Distribute the work to the RESPONSIBLE guys who will do it in the specified time.
Rule 5:
Check all the works twice whether they are working as per the schedule or not.
To make the stalls interesting,

1. Keep some old computers – with low RAM & HDD requirements – and install
good distros like Ubuntu etc. to show people that they can install even on
old PCs.
2. To show them how to install a linux distro in a PC (including dual
booting) – step by step (if possible in printed format)
3. Show them open office – 3.1 – instead of Office
4. Show them how to use yahoo messenger (gYachi),google talk (pidgin) and Skype – in FOSS
5. Also show them various linux distributions (mainly for teachers, tutors,etc)
6. To show them the full connectivity incl. webcam (I use 9.10 – it works
just out of the box in my laptop)
7. Show them wifi (through a OLD laptop)
8. Printed sheet – having a lot of contacts, numbers, names, – who they can
call for assistance (we can later make them as volunteers who will help
other people, after using FOSS).
9. Keep around 20 to 30 OLD PCs with FOSS software – for anyone to test, and
use internet etc.

I am really expecting your feedback on this post to make a good set of rules for the beginners to build a successful foss demo stall 😉

-with regards,



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