Infosys Training ( 21-Jun-2010 To 15-Nov-2010) – Part I

Dear Friends :

Here i want to share my experience that happened through out the entire training program that i had in Infosys. It had all the moments that could match a college semester and more than that too. Friends, Figures, Exams , Games, Movies, Parties, Professionalism ,Foreigners, DJ Nights and many more.

Journey Starts From Here : Get Set Goooooooooooo ….

I completed my final semester in may 2010 and i got my offer letter with joining date as 21-June-2010 from infosys. I was so happy that there was no need to pass any time in home without any job. Though my parents were so nice to me, i didn’t want to stick in my home after my college.

I got a mail from infosys about the TO DO before joining the company. I was stunned as i had to do lot. Passport, Fitness report, Joining formalities, Documents and many more. So i hardly enjoyed few days and did all these works in the rest of the days. The day came but i never felt overjoyed or anything exceptional.  I started  to Mysore on 20-jun-2010 early morning with my parents. I reached infosys around 11am and met aparna who was my classmate in my college. There were a bunch of CSE guys from our college too. I didn’t know anyone well in that group. After few minutes I was called by infosys securities and went inside the campus. My parents were asked to sit in a food court inside campus.

I took my luggage  and sat under a large umbrella in-front of the mind blowing GEC2 building which can compete with Mysore maharajah palace. Aparna and Keerthana came and sat near me. We had a formal chat and then we finished our official formalities and got our temporary ID cards. Then we were taken to our room in a Tata Sumo and our luggage’s were carried by a golf cart. I didn’t know those guys in the Tata Sumo were going to be my good friends. I  understood that they were all from TamilNadu and so i am. So we had a formal chat and we were all given nearby rooms.


NOTE : I invite all your comments and criticisms which can be a moral boost to me to continue this post.



—- Life is having full of   surprises —-


29 thoughts on “Infosys Training ( 21-Jun-2010 To 15-Nov-2010) – Part I

  1. Hi
    Can you give us some more details on the subjects, tests( Of course thier difficulty and the way to go about them) and your experiences.

  2. Hey guys i recently got selected by Infy…. and i’m doin my final year…..i jus need to know what type of test will they be conducting….. cuz i can never tolerate to study theory subjects….. so can yo give me the advice on whst type of tests will they be givin us!!!!!!

  3. no need of advance preparation for the exams. Do concentrate on your final year project. You need to study theory subjects too. No other go.

  4. i am going to join infy at 14 march at they provide single room to single boy..if i reach 1-2 days before my joining date ,,then will they provide accomodation in that case..

  5. hey i got selected in infy n i m frm EEE branch…i want to knw whether d training ll b vry tough 4 us..???????? as i have nill knwledge regarding languages…

    • Hi rinkhy, I suggest you to learn c language. But if you work hard you can easily clear the exam. Don worry. All the best for you 🙂 You have lot of things to enjoy in Mysore infy 🙂

  6. hi, my name is Asad and i got selected for infosys in jan-2011
    now i got a job confirmation mail and a CD of infosys from speedpost now waiting for offer letter…
    Since i m from EEE branch i don’t no any thing about the c languages… i’m very much confused ad tensed to join… so can any one tell me whether the training ll be very tough for me??
    is there any thing need to prepare per-joining???
    and who are the faculties,is they ready to clear our doubts??

    plz replay me …..

    • hi asad, The faculties will be infosys employees only. They will clear all your doubts and most of them are so friendly. If you know “C” then it will make you feel good. Else you need to work little more.

  7. I m going to be joining Infosys shortly this year. As I am from a non – CS/IT background, I m very freaking out regarding infy training. I just wanted to know how hard is the training for a non cs student . plz also give some suggestions. also i have been preparing for this training and i have almost completed C basics and i m doing C++ right now. thanks a ton 🙂

  8. hi this is joshna as i was selected in infosys mar 2011 and i got offer leter and my joining date is on jan 2012 , ur experience gives me a hopethat i enjoyed my job rather than struggling

  9. hi i am placed in infy, m freaking scared about the tests which will b conducted during the training..this is becoz m a non IT student..plz can u tell me wat all shall i study b4 going 4 the training.

    • Learn C and Database concepts. It will provide you good basement to start your carrier in infosys 🙂 All the very best 🙂

  10. hey balachandar…i just got selected in infosys..i wanted to know whether the training is too tough?do they really send people back home from there if there are minor performance issues?

    • Not for minor performance issues and all. You need to pass the exams and they will take you. If you dont clear , they wont take you. Thats it.

  11. Hiii,I am selected in Infosys on 7th Sep,2011.Kindly tell me that whether the offer letter or joining letter is sent by post to correspondence address or permanent address as We students usually shift our rooms so please guide me and also tensed as if my documents reach to correspondence address and I am not there.

    • Hi, Infy will take care of all these documents work. They will guide you very well. Even if you missed the hardcopy of offer letter., take a print out of your softcopy. You will get a mail with detailed instructions and you can call and ask HR people any time .They will be very much kind enough to help you.

  12. is there a second chance to proove ourselves in infosys training if we r not cleared the training in the first atempt?

    • As of I know, Infy dont provide second opportunities like other companies. But if you work hard, then you really don’t need a second change. All the best.

  13. Hello Balachandar.
    First of all I’d like to say thanks to clear all our doubts…!!! 😉 I have a doubt , hope u could solve tat. Though I’m from a CS background Im bad at programming..!! Im little worried about it.Do I need to prepare anything before the training? I’ve started learning C lang. And everyone is saying tat the training will be so tough? Is tat so ?. I’m really getting scared of tat.

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