Infosys Training ( 21-Jun-2010 To 15-Nov-2010 ) – Part II

When I was travelling to my room in the Tata sumo, I
saw lot of professionals, rocksters (!?) even gangsters were moving all around the campus wearing the strangest ever clothes I had seen w/wo girls. Girls were walking with Infosys umbrella. Surprisingly I dint hear any vehicle horn except cycle bells. Yes, From sweeper to PM, everyone was using cycles. Most of them were lady birds. I was thrilled of this all new experience and I didn’t understand why they were looking at me with a cunning smile( At the end of my training I too smiled on seeing the freshers. I will tell you later ) .As soon as I reached hostel building, I moved my luggage and opened the door. I was so impressed with the room. An ultra cool wall mount Samsung LCD TV, A king size bed and all the furniture’s were made of wood and the room was 100% clean and perfect. The bathroom was so neat. Suddenly I turned back as someone was calling me “baiyaa” . I met a new character “Ravi” who was the house keeping in charge for my floor. He came to my room and tried to help me with kannada his mother tongue and 50% hindi. As i didn’t understand both, I managed with a few well known English words. I also met one guy from andhra and one more from MP, as both were staying in the adjacent rooms.OMG! I left my parents in food court. I took few snaps of my room and rushed to the food court. They were waiting there with whole lot of expectations. I told them that everything was perfect and I was so happy and so they were. We ate chapatti with egg curry. My mom didn’t like it and as usual I finished last and that’s time. They need to go back to home. I sent them and I didn’t feel anything bad as I was staying in hostel for the past 6 years.
After that in food court I was searching for someone whom I know and I found the guys who were with me in the Tata sumo. I passed the first day with them( here after I will mention them as sairam guys ) . We finished our dinner in FC1 ( Food Court 1 ).That night “kudi” a friend of one of the sairam guy took us to the multiplex where infosys-mysore used to screen movies every weekend. To my surprise the movie was a new release “Ravana”. But the sad part, it was in hindi. I didn’t understand anything except few scenes. Abishek made me laugh even in the climax.
The movie was over by 10 PM and then we took cycles to reach our rooms which was at a distance of 2 KM from multiplex. I lied in my bed till 12 PM as I dint get any sleep. I watched TV and eventually I fell asleep with lot of dreams for the next day.
Note : I am posting this post from my mobile device.kindly adjust with text format problems if any.


48 thoughts on “Infosys Training ( 21-Jun-2010 To 15-Nov-2010 ) – Part II

    • senior you make me very interesting to get place in your company i will be there soon… unfortunately no on campus for of infosys for this year a am afride of itdo they come for next year..
      pray to god for me also

  1. i got placed in infosys now (2011 pass out ). when will i get the call letter and when wiil be my joining date………..?

    • hii can u mail me the details regsrding the subjects which we have to study in infy and details regarding infy exit policies and about training

      • Hi there is no need for prior preparation and also i cant disclose those details in a blog or forum as they are intellectual properties of Infosys.

  2. hiii….ur blog part1 and part 2 are really nice …i m looking forward to ur next blog…plz post ur latter experience…
    can u tell me what is exactly handson project means wch i wl give during training???and wht r the necessary we should have before training???

  3. can u tell me what is exactly handson project means wch they wl give during training???and wht r the necessary we should have before training???

    • Thank u Najma. Hands on is just like our laboratory practical exam . You need to solve and submit one or two problems depends on the subject. They will evaluate manually or automatically. I will post the next part soon 😉

  4. okk…i will be waiting….and one more thing i m eagerly waiting to know the secret of tht cunning smile for new trainee…

  5. Hello,
    I got selected for infosys in December 2010 and I had several questions in my mind about Infy training….they are as follows:
    1) I have heard that out of the total number of trainees infosys throws out a substantial percentage after the training is over,i.e,30-40% are told to leave….is that the case????If it is then how many from your batch were thrown out?
    2) Is the training syllabus too much??
    3) Please give some insight into the kind of project we have to do while in training….are they supposed to be innovative in nature or Are they simple??? I mean are the projects Difficult to make or easier?
    4) What if somebody fails to succeed in Training,does he have any future in software industry,i.e,do you know anyone who failed in training and got a job in other companies
    5) does Infosys give certificate to those who fail training?

    I eagerly await your response…..Please reply ,I am in dire need of an advice…….
    Thanks in advance
    Yours Truly
    Mohammad Shahid Fazal

  6. hi, don worry about the training..infy will provide excellent materials with good staff support. So if you put some effort you can easily score good marks in infy training. In my batch out of 100 only one guy failed in the training. Also that guy joined another good mnc now. So just chill out. You have lot of things to enjoy in mysore campus. Definitely it ll be in your memory for your life term. All the best to you 🙂 see you in infy campus soon 🙂

  7. Thanks Balachandar for this info and encouragement and we will Surely(GOD Willing,in My language,InshaAllah,meet at infosys campus),I will be very happy if you tell me what kind of projects are required to be made during training……I mean are they supposed to be innovative in nature or Just simple input data and get the outpput thing…….Shortly speaking,are they easy or Difficult for an average student?…..Please if you get time answer this time as per your own convenience….This will clear last block of fear from my mind.
    Again thanx in advance.

    • hi balachandar
      your doing a great job thanks alot..i got selected for infy last month.i have 1 query that is am an average student with 69% in my just want to know can an average student can complete the training successfully???
      tell about cpga rating how this rating is given??
      plzz do reply

  8. hi ,
    brother if you cant expose can u send me the details of infosys training. I mean what exactly we will get in training( course material, subjects,) which we ‘ve to study during training. If i get any prior idea so it could be easier to crack training tests.
    my email id is ( ).
    1 more qn is how many total no of tests do we ‘ve to appear & out of that how many are required to be passed.
    finally i heard of 1 more myth that infy campus is world class but people in training flooded with too much work that they are not in a position to enjoy it.

    kindly send me the details it will be most appreciable.
    thank u.

  9. Hello,
    Is it true that infosys training pattern has changed this year…???if it is plz tell me the details of training…i will be oblige to you…
    thanks in advance…

  10. hello Balachandar,

    first of all i want to congratulate you for your excellent work.
    I heard that negative marking has been taken out in infy training tests…and the cut off is increased from 65 to 75%…please can you put some light on this…is it correct or not??
    thanks in advance…

  11. I got placd n infi last mont.. I want to know abt d complete training procedure un exam patterns.. Im nervous abt it.. Pls rply me:)

    • Hi prabhu.. Be cool man. You don need to do anything spl to complete the training. They will provide you the complete picture in the first week itself. You are gonna enjoy every min there in one way or the another. So stay calm. All the very best 😉

  12. Hi, infyi selectd me wen i had a percentage of 70.. Now ma aggregate dropped to 69%.. Does it matters? Some sayin dey ll throw me out nu? Pls leav a rply…

    • Hi, Contact the Infy HR Help Desk and check with them. Do they said anything like that during your preplacement talk ?

  13. Hi balachandar,
    U askd me to contact hr help desk.. How can i contact dem?? Very thanks for u ur past replies!!:)

  14. actually i wanted to do a training in infosys iam a btech 3rd yr student can u please send me the detail and selection criteria .I like ur blog so when u r going to publish next one ,me and my friend waiting for that

    • Hi Shivani : I have no details on that. You can contact infosys HR people. They can help you on this. Let me know if you need any more details on this.. Thanks for your comment 🙂

    • The training course is totally revamped recently. But if you have the basic programming knowledge then you can easily clear it. Don worry.

  15. hi i have applied for infosys off campus..iam a 2011 passout and iam eagerly waiting for off campus..can u give me some information when they are going to conduct this off campus…i have 72.82 percent in btech…i have sent my resume before april 15th and didnt received a mail till now…

  16. Hey frnd,my doj is 23 jan there negative marking in tests cnductd during training in infy?pls help me 2 clear my doubt:-@

    • Hi, The training methods are totally revamped few months back. So I dont have the updated information for you. But U can clear the exams easily, If you give your best. All d best 🙂

    • Hi Rekha, You will get a mail shortly before your DOJ with all the details. Rooms will be fully furnished. FYI Infy Mysore is having a super market named “Loyal world”. Airtel, Vodafone mobile stores are there.

      • thank u ….am learning java and oracle…do they enough? r still i need to learn anything? i kno they wil train us…but being a non it branch student, am learning now…i feel its better to learn somthing that aids rather than being idle…wat do u say?

      • Start with C and you can easily learn the basic programming concepts. Then learn OOP through C++. That would be an ideal route.

    • Hi raj, Since I don’t know about you, It wont be wise to suggest you. IMO Both are good service oriented IT companies.

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