Infosys Training ( 21-Jun-2010 To 15-Nov-2010 ) – Part III

I woke up earlier though I slept very late. I got ready around 7 AM and done with my prayers. I was asked to report at 9.00 AM. Once all of my friends got ready, we moved to the nearest food court “Amoeba”, finished our breakfast. We reached the Multiplex around 08.45 AM. I saw around 600 – 700 guys and gals standing in two separate queues. Everyone was so eagerly discussing about infy, training procedures and all. I met few of my school mates after a long time. We finished the formalities and went inside multiplex after spending almost 1 hour in the long queue. The Multiplex is the ball shaped building which could accommodate 1000 people at a time. It is the place where the weekend movies are screened. Inside multiplex we were formally greeted by all the infy department heads and we had a session from all of them. It included infy policies to facilities. The entire week went like this and we came to know more about infy and its working culture and all. In the mean time the regular formalities like certificate, passport, NSR verification and new bank account opening procedures were all done.
So my first week was so cool and we had nothing but to enjoy the campus. During the first weekend I visited Mysore palace with Sam and Balamurugan. Also I purchased a sports shoe and few dresses. I found Mysore was not so good for shopping. The next week we were separated as small groups consists of 30 trainees each. We attended soft skill programs and it was very much enjoyable since the educators were so cool and friendly. We made good friends during the soft skill session and endless comedies happened. All the way we unknowingly developed our communication skills. I failed in soft skill exam during my first attempt. That was my first exam in Infy.
Infy Mysore campus has almost all facilities that one need to live. So I didn’t go anywhere even during few weekends. I spent my time in my room and in employee care center (ECC). I learned to play Table Tennis. I learned so many acronyms like IBU, ECC blah blah blah… 🙂 Our technical training started from the week after we finished our first phase of soft skill training. Many people do worry lot about the technical training. Infy has CGPA scales to evaluate trainees. It is not a big deal for an average CS student to finish off the training with good marks. Only those who were extremely poor suffered. But they really learnt well and few of my friends who suffered during training were landed in some other good companies. So With the help of Hard Work and Dedication, anyone can easily clear the training. Once your generic training is over, trainees were shuffled and put in various streams as per the business need. Don’t think too much about the training. You will have some pleasant and unpleasant surprises. So be ready to face them. I assure if you are an average CS graduate then you can do well. Non CS trainees need to study more than CS trainees, But most of the times they end up with very good CGPA then CS trainees.
There are so many interesting places in infy Mysore to remember like food courts, hotels outside campus, GEC 1 and 2, Hostel building, temple near infy campus, tourist spots in Mysore etc. I will share about those places in my next post.
NOTE : Those who need to clarify any details can send a mail to me < balachandarlinks AT Gmail DOT com>



21 thoughts on “Infosys Training ( 21-Jun-2010 To 15-Nov-2010 ) – Part III

  1. hi balachandra,you hav dn a great job in this blog,i hav been recently selected in infosys,so i was having a lot of doubts bout infy ,bt after reading your blog i m much satisfied,so thanks a lot. please mail me the things i shud go thru before training.

  2. that was really aewsome 🙂 was imagining evrything and the way u explained evrything s pretty cool.. when s ur next post ? waitin for that.. and even i got selected for infy and waiting for the training..

    • Thanks sammy. I ll post the next part when i get some time. Little busy with project work. Looking for you in infosys 🙂

  3. helo bala sir..i gt selectd in infosys in december whn can i expect to get my offer leter?and whn my training will strt????????

    • for all details, write to infosys. They will definitely give you the exact information. I cant help you in this regard.

  4. Balachandar thats really cool blog !
    happy to read this blog , even i got selected in infy last dec 13 2010, my offer letter will b send with in few days !
    said by infy HR Group….they just maild me to get ready for all d documents etc etc …am ready and may b in few days i wll b there , heey iam a cs student with 65/70 percent !
    can i clear d exams easily ? i am good at english knwld and litll bit at c, c++, java etc

  5. Hey,
    I just got my offer letter from infosys. The date of joining is 8th august. I am from non-IT background and am tremendously worried about infosys training. The mysore campus looks lovely in pictures and it has always been my dream to come there. But I’ve heard such scary stories of infosys training that I’m seriously having second thoughts of whether to join infosys or not. I am not so good at programming and computer languages. Will I be able to cope up with the other trainees from CSE background??? I am quite a hard working person but still I have my own fears like any other fresher… Waiting for your valuable advice and suggestions on how to get through the training.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Harsh,

      Dont worry man… u can easily passout of that xams.. dont feel afraid of yourself… if u r very pooooor only den u cant clear them…

      All The Best for bright future..

  6. hi yar I am Rahul from Noida and got selected in infy in jan 2011 .I just wanted to ask u whether all tests are MCQs or do they give u to write codes. And is there

    a negative marking.

    • The test procedure changed recently. I don’t have the recent info. They will explain you everything in your first week in infy itself.

  7. hi sir,
    I lost my tenth and +2 marksheet………i have applied for the new marksheet….i have photocopy of those marksheets…………will it any problem during my joining?? my date of joining is jan 9th…..

    • Hi , Call Infy HR and speak with them. They will provide you the alternate options or they will give you more time to submit your mark sheets. Trust me, They will be very nice to you and they will point you to the right direction. You can get Infy HR number from your call letter. Wishing you a happy journey with infy 🙂

  8. can u tell me wats the package during the training?.. thy ve said 3.25 after training.. didn say wats the package during training. can u pls temme?

  9. hellow sir i m udhaya, doing BCA. i got selected in infy @ jan7.. and i got a login password from infy. but some of them who doesnt got selected also got that same mail. i got confused whether the entire process will be clean and clear..

    • Just call and speak with infy HR. They will give you all the needed info. All the very best and welcome to infy 🙂

  10. Hi! This is vineet from AP. I just have two questions. One, what is the bond amount one has to pay if he decides to leave training. Second, if anyone fails in the Training period, does he have to pay the bond amount?? This is a very important clarification for me brother. Please understand.

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