Steve Jobs is Still Alive !!!

Steve Jobs is still alive – In my Heart  !!!
                    I got to know about Steve during my college days. I was so impressed when I touched his master piece Ipod. I was literally blown off. I had never seen a device which was so elegant and beautiful interms of software as well as hardware. It made me crazy and I enjoyed the music in a different way. Thanks to my brother, who bought an Ipod.

Steve Jobs ( 1955 - 2011 )
A Tech Legend

Steve earned so much of respect in my heart and I was so curious to know more about Stevy. Same time I was happened to watch the movie “Pirates of silicon valley” which portrayed two brilliant masterminds of the silicon valley namely Stevy and Bill. That movie really made a bad impression about stevy in my mind. Two things were pretty bad and made me dislike him little. It showed his arrogant and bossy nature over his employees and He didn’t accept Lisa as his daughter. So I thought like, he was one another american guy who was so arrogant but brilliant.
The new product line up from Apple like IMac, IPod, ITunes, IPhone and IPad were really changed the fortune of Apple and made it one of the top most company among the tech companies in the world. Remember when stevy rejoined Apple, It was sinking badly and everyone thought, Apple was going to rot soon. But his vision on the tech world really paid Apple so much. He made his own company stand up again.
All these things made me respect stevy so much and I started to watch him so close. I used to watch all his speeches, Interviews and introductions of new Apple products. His stanford commencement speech was a master piece from him for the tech world. I am sure that it will fuel the young minds all the time to acheive something INSANELY big.
Oct-5-2011. A Black day in my life. I woke up like every other day and checked regular news updates. I was taken back by the news that “Steve Jobs was Dead”. My heart felt some unbearable pain and I couldn’t do anything. I was simply thinking, “How the Hell it can happen to Steve?”. The real truth of life is so difficult to understand. I read his Biography written by Romain Moisescot. I learned lot from Steve. If you take risk then you will be awarded for sure. That is what Steve did all his life. He took so many risks to implement his visions and never tried to sit in a comfort zone.

Death is the True Inspiration

I don’t really believe after life things. But if it is true and Steve gets internet access in his IPad over there in Heaven, I have few words for him.
“Dear Steve, Though you left the earth, You are living in my heart for ever n ever till my heart beats. You are a true motivational factor to me. Long live Dear Steve with your thoughts”

Steve in Stanford : Death is the destination we all share, no one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be because death is very likely the single best invention of life.

With Tears, 😥 Balachandar KM

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