Google IO 2014 Extended

Last night I was watching Google IO 2014 extended. I felt so exited right from the start. I was clapping and whistling for every new milestone that they announced as if India won the cricket world cup. The way they designed the countdown timer for Google IO clearly shows the amount of dedication they have for Google IO.

They had not given any time to think at all.  Back to back,  awesome features were announced like a dream.

Android L 😍
Android One
Material Design
Android Wear
Android Auto – Bolt from the blue.  No one expected this.
Android TV
Chromecast Mirroring support
Google Cloud Tools
Android for Enterprise
Android apps running on Chromebook
Material design for Web apps via Polymer
Project Volta
Battery Historian
App indexing open for all
Apps with contextual awareness
Google Fit
New features for Google Play Games
And 5000+ apis

I know there is a lot to digest for now. I am going to spend my weekend watching all Google IO 2014 sessions.

During the presentation,  Sundar showcased a video on how Android platform is used to build innovative solutions all around the world for the day to day problems.  I would say that this is clearly showing the true achievement of Android.

Finally he stated that Google paid $5 Billion dollars to developers who are developing content for Google Play. This totally shows the amount of importance that Google gives to Google Play.  They want it to be their one stop solution to transform a pure vanilla Android to Google Android. 

Happy coding,


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