Android Everywhere!

Android is going to be categorized in tech world as before Google I/O 2014 and after Google I/O 2014. Google has introduced three new platforms to develop Android apps namely Android Wear,  Android Auto and Android TV.
It is going to open the doors for developers to develop apps for so many different use cases and also to reach lot more users with lot more user engagement.
As an Android Developer,  I’m truly excited and started to grasp the enormous amount of information that was revealed in Google IO 2014.
A challenge I see here is to get the developer devices. Google released Android L developer preview images only for nexus 5 and nexus 7, Not for nexus 4. I don’t really have any pushing need as an user to buy Nexus5 as my nexus 4 does everything good without a lag. So either I need to live with emulators or spend 30k to quickly jump into Android L.
Android Wear is priced around 15k which I feel that it’s  a fair price point even though it can be priced less than 10k.  So I am looking for Moto360 as my first android Wear device.
As I read, Google Auto development can be done with tablet like Nexus 7. But it is really interesting to design UI for Auto users. Let’s wait and watch this segment of apps.
For Android TV,  Emulators will be the Dev testing place. Still I hope that Google will release the plug and play Android TV set top boxes soon which are going to make your existing TV’s smart.

So overall,  Android is moving in a direction to run all around you in an awesome way.

Happy coding,
Balachandar KM


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