Steve Jobs is Still Alive !!!

Steve Jobs is still alive – In my Heart  !!!
                    I got to know about Steve during my college days. I was so impressed when I touched his master piece Ipod. I was literally blown off. I had never seen a device which was so elegant and beautiful interms of software as well as hardware. It made me crazy and I enjoyed the music in a different way. Thanks to my brother, who bought an Ipod.

Steve Jobs ( 1955 - 2011 )
A Tech Legend

Steve earned so much of respect in my heart and I was so curious to know more about Stevy. Same time I was happened to watch the movie “Pirates of silicon valley” which portrayed two brilliant masterminds of the silicon valley namely Stevy and Bill. That movie really made a bad impression about stevy in my mind. Two things were pretty bad and made me dislike him little. It showed his arrogant and bossy nature over his employees and He didn’t accept Lisa as his daughter. So I thought like, he was one another american guy who was so arrogant but brilliant.
The new product line up from Apple like IMac, IPod, ITunes, IPhone and IPad were really changed the fortune of Apple and made it one of the top most company among the tech companies in the world. Remember when stevy rejoined Apple, It was sinking badly and everyone thought, Apple was going to rot soon. But his vision on the tech world really paid Apple so much. He made his own company stand up again.
All these things made me respect stevy so much and I started to watch him so close. I used to watch all his speeches, Interviews and introductions of new Apple products. His stanford commencement speech was a master piece from him for the tech world. I am sure that it will fuel the young minds all the time to acheive something INSANELY big.
Oct-5-2011. A Black day in my life. I woke up like every other day and checked regular news updates. I was taken back by the news that “Steve Jobs was Dead”. My heart felt some unbearable pain and I couldn’t do anything. I was simply thinking, “How the Hell it can happen to Steve?”. The real truth of life is so difficult to understand. I read his Biography written by Romain Moisescot. I learned lot from Steve. If you take risk then you will be awarded for sure. That is what Steve did all his life. He took so many risks to implement his visions and never tried to sit in a comfort zone.

Death is the True Inspiration

I don’t really believe after life things. But if it is true and Steve gets internet access in his IPad over there in Heaven, I have few words for him.
“Dear Steve, Though you left the earth, You are living in my heart for ever n ever till my heart beats. You are a true motivational factor to me. Long live Dear Steve with your thoughts”

Steve in Stanford : Death is the destination we all share, no one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be because death is very likely the single best invention of life.

With Tears, 😥 Balachandar KM


Infosys Training ( 21-Jun-2010 To 15-Nov-2010 ) – Part III

I woke up earlier though I slept very late. I got ready around 7 AM and done with my prayers. I was asked to report at 9.00 AM. Once all of my friends got ready, we moved to the nearest food court “Amoeba”, finished our breakfast. We reached the Multiplex around 08.45 AM. I saw around 600 – 700 guys and gals standing in two separate queues. Everyone was so eagerly discussing about infy, training procedures and all. I met few of my school mates after a long time. We finished the formalities and went inside multiplex after spending almost 1 hour in the long queue. The Multiplex is the ball shaped building which could accommodate 1000 people at a time. It is the place where the weekend movies are screened. Inside multiplex we were formally greeted by all the infy department heads and we had a session from all of them. It included infy policies to facilities. The entire week went like this and we came to know more about infy and its working culture and all. In the mean time the regular formalities like certificate, passport, NSR verification and new bank account opening procedures were all done.
So my first week was so cool and we had nothing but to enjoy the campus. During the first weekend I visited Mysore palace with Sam and Balamurugan. Also I purchased a sports shoe and few dresses. I found Mysore was not so good for shopping. The next week we were separated as small groups consists of 30 trainees each. We attended soft skill programs and it was very much enjoyable since the educators were so cool and friendly. We made good friends during the soft skill session and endless comedies happened. All the way we unknowingly developed our communication skills. I failed in soft skill exam during my first attempt. That was my first exam in Infy.
Infy Mysore campus has almost all facilities that one need to live. So I didn’t go anywhere even during few weekends. I spent my time in my room and in employee care center (ECC). I learned to play Table Tennis. I learned so many acronyms like IBU, ECC blah blah blah… 🙂 Our technical training started from the week after we finished our first phase of soft skill training. Many people do worry lot about the technical training. Infy has CGPA scales to evaluate trainees. It is not a big deal for an average CS student to finish off the training with good marks. Only those who were extremely poor suffered. But they really learnt well and few of my friends who suffered during training were landed in some other good companies. So With the help of Hard Work and Dedication, anyone can easily clear the training. Once your generic training is over, trainees were shuffled and put in various streams as per the business need. Don’t think too much about the training. You will have some pleasant and unpleasant surprises. So be ready to face them. I assure if you are an average CS graduate then you can do well. Non CS trainees need to study more than CS trainees, But most of the times they end up with very good CGPA then CS trainees.
There are so many interesting places in infy Mysore to remember like food courts, hotels outside campus, GEC 1 and 2, Hostel building, temple near infy campus, tourist spots in Mysore etc. I will share about those places in my next post.
NOTE : Those who need to clarify any details can send a mail to me < balachandarlinks AT Gmail DOT com>


Infosys Training ( 21-Jun-2010 To 15-Nov-2010 ) – Part II

When I was travelling to my room in the Tata sumo, I
saw lot of professionals, rocksters (!?) even gangsters were moving all around the campus wearing the strangest ever clothes I had seen w/wo girls. Girls were walking with Infosys umbrella. Surprisingly I dint hear any vehicle horn except cycle bells. Yes, From sweeper to PM, everyone was using cycles. Most of them were lady birds. I was thrilled of this all new experience and I didn’t understand why they were looking at me with a cunning smile( At the end of my training I too smiled on seeing the freshers. I will tell you later ) .As soon as I reached hostel building, I moved my luggage and opened the door. I was so impressed with the room. An ultra cool wall mount Samsung LCD TV, A king size bed and all the furniture’s were made of wood and the room was 100% clean and perfect. The bathroom was so neat. Suddenly I turned back as someone was calling me “baiyaa” . I met a new character “Ravi” who was the house keeping in charge for my floor. He came to my room and tried to help me with kannada his mother tongue and 50% hindi. As i didn’t understand both, I managed with a few well known English words. I also met one guy from andhra and one more from MP, as both were staying in the adjacent rooms.OMG! I left my parents in food court. I took few snaps of my room and rushed to the food court. They were waiting there with whole lot of expectations. I told them that everything was perfect and I was so happy and so they were. We ate chapatti with egg curry. My mom didn’t like it and as usual I finished last and that’s time. They need to go back to home. I sent them and I didn’t feel anything bad as I was staying in hostel for the past 6 years.
After that in food court I was searching for someone whom I know and I found the guys who were with me in the Tata sumo. I passed the first day with them( here after I will mention them as sairam guys ) . We finished our dinner in FC1 ( Food Court 1 ).That night “kudi” a friend of one of the sairam guy took us to the multiplex where infosys-mysore used to screen movies every weekend. To my surprise the movie was a new release “Ravana”. But the sad part, it was in hindi. I didn’t understand anything except few scenes. Abishek made me laugh even in the climax.
The movie was over by 10 PM and then we took cycles to reach our rooms which was at a distance of 2 KM from multiplex. I lied in my bed till 12 PM as I dint get any sleep. I watched TV and eventually I fell asleep with lot of dreams for the next day.
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Infosys Training ( 21-Jun-2010 To 15-Nov-2010) – Part I

Dear Friends :

Here i want to share my experience that happened through out the entire training program that i had in Infosys. It had all the moments that could match a college semester and more than that too. Friends, Figures, Exams , Games, Movies, Parties, Professionalism ,Foreigners, DJ Nights and many more.

Journey Starts From Here : Get Set Goooooooooooo ….

I completed my final semester in may 2010 and i got my offer letter with joining date as 21-June-2010 from infosys. I was so happy that there was no need to pass any time in home without any job. Though my parents were so nice to me, i didn’t want to stick in my home after my college.

I got a mail from infosys about the TO DO before joining the company. I was stunned as i had to do lot. Passport, Fitness report, Joining formalities, Documents and many more. So i hardly enjoyed few days and did all these works in the rest of the days. The day came but i never felt overjoyed or anything exceptional.  I started  to Mysore on 20-jun-2010 early morning with my parents. I reached infosys around 11am and met aparna who was my classmate in my college. There were a bunch of CSE guys from our college too. I didn’t know anyone well in that group. After few minutes I was called by infosys securities and went inside the campus. My parents were asked to sit in a food court inside campus.

I took my luggage  and sat under a large umbrella in-front of the mind blowing GEC2 building which can compete with Mysore maharajah palace. Aparna and Keerthana came and sat near me. We had a formal chat and then we finished our official formalities and got our temporary ID cards. Then we were taken to our room in a Tata Sumo and our luggage’s were carried by a golf cart. I didn’t know those guys in the Tata Sumo were going to be my good friends. I  understood that they were all from TamilNadu and so i am. So we had a formal chat and we were all given nearby rooms.


NOTE : I invite all your comments and criticisms which can be a moral boost to me to continue this post.



—- Life is having full of   surprises —-

Code Rider is back Again !!!

Hi guys and gals,

Sorry for not posting for the past two months.I got stuck in the placementophobia as every final year engineering student.The good news is i got two offer letters from two MNCs and i decided to join Infy.Lot of things happened in the past two months.I hope i ll get enough time to post here after.

I am still using Fedora 11 and couldnt try Fedora 13 as i dont have the resource.Sorry for that.Its all because of my laziness.So i cant post any reviews and tutorials and posting things for Fedora 11 is dump i hope so.

I welcome you all and you ll find something new in your each and every visit to my blog.

Thank you.



Republic Day : 61

Hi friends,
Today 61st republic day of India.Our freedom fighters and leaders bought this for our welfare after a great struggle.The day we need to remember and to  salute them for their hard work for us.Most of us don’t understand this at all.
Incident No.1 :
My college celebrated the 61 st republic day at 08.00 am.But only 1/4th of our students attended the ceremony and the rest were busy sleeping,chatting and blabbering.They just think this day as just another day in their life.
Incident No.2 :
During the ceremony some students made unnecessary comments.Some peoples don’t even know how to behave in this important occasion.I am so frustrated and want to slap them on their face.Poor guys they don’t feel the freedom that they have in our country.I want this attitude to change soon.
My Request :
Dear friends,
In your life you have to stick to some priciples and you have to respect your country in anytime.Please put this in your mind and follow it through your whole life.
I dont want to talk to much about this as i want to enjoy this day.Bye guys 😉
–with regards,

Waving the Google Wave

Hi guys,

I got the google wave invitation 2 days back.I opened it with lots and lots of expectations.I found something missing at my first site.Then i slowly started learning it.Moreover it is in the Beta stage.So i m testing it that ll be apt to say.I got eight invitations too.I m slowly dispatching them to my friends.If you need one comment me with your email ID.If possible i ll send you one.

Happy Waving 😉