Android – Easily Debuggable Layout XML files

Hello Folks,
Everyday, New android apps come up with beautiful designs. All these screens are baked with the help of xml tags. Developers use dummy values in their TextView while they create their layouts with android:text field of TextView. But we cannot leave these dummy text values while we release the final app. Because, It creates a risk of unintentionally showing the dummy data to the user.
I have recently seen a small, But an useful piece of tip in the Android Studio series of videos in google developer youtube channel.

Add –


to your root layout and then add the dummy text content to any TextView like this,

     tools:text="My Dummy Text"

this dummy text will be shown inside the textview only when you open the layout in android studio to help you out. It will not be shown in the compiled app. Hope this simple tip saves some time in debugging and modifying layouts.

Reference :

Balachandar KM


Network Simulator 2 [ The Great NS2]

Hi guys,
  Today i installed ns2 on my friends laptop.The installation procedure is very
easy.Just boom the install file and it ll compile all code pieces for you.Then you
need to set the path for the libraries and bin of ns( To set path refer my
previous posts).
  I just made a simple program ( foo.tcl ).Then compile it using nm.It produces
out.nam file.Then i run the out.nam file using nam(network animator).I saw the
nodes just i created minutes before in the tcl script.Thats really cool.

Create Autoplay Options in CD/DVD

Hi guys,
    I m going to tell you how to create your own autoplay cd’s/dvd’s.It’s so

For Windows ( What to do?? For the customers we need to do it for windows too ):

      1.Create two files named as autorun.inf and autostart.bat
      2.The contents should be like this :
          /* autorun.inf */

         /* autostart.bat */
        @echo Created By Balachandar.K.M
        @start home.html

For Linux ( I tested it in ubuntu 8.04 )
      1.Create two files named as autorun.inf and
      2.The contents should be like this :
         /* autorun.inf */

         /* */
         firefox home.html &

      3.Just tailor the above files for your need and put it into the cd/dvd.You can
replace the home.html file with any .exe or .html or .swf file.

Setting Environment Path in ubuntu


Are you a programmer or an IT student then you might come across the problem of setting environment path.Its so easy to set the path in ubuntu.

1.Go to /home/user/

2.Click view tab and check out show hidden files.

3. There you can find a file named as .bashrc

4.Open the file using any text editor.

5.At the last line append your statement which you are normally using in terminal to set the path.

6.It should be like PATH=$PATH:/usr/java/j2sdk1.4.2/bin

7.Thats all.Thanks for reading.



Random Player Game….Give a try Dude.;-)

HiĀ  friends,

are u bored.I jus created a random player game to play with your luck.

The game is need to select a number,if it matches with my choice you won.

This is my first app solely created using NetBeans 6.5.1.

Hope you enjoy.Feedbacks are expected.

thank you.

NOTE : Click the link to download.



Kill the Segmentation Fault

Hai friends,
Have you ever compile a c or c++ program using cc or gcc compiler.Then sometimes you might stuck up with segmentation faults.
Segmentation faults occurs when the program refers to an unallocated memory space.
By default the compiler wont show by which instruction the segmentation fault occurs.So you have to go through your entire program to find the culprit.
It is tough to fix a bug even without its line number.
Here is the simple solution to find segmentation faults,

1.Compile the program with “g” flag.
Eg: cc -g filename.c
2.Type gdb a.out
3.It ll take you to the gdb prompt.
5.Give your input values.
6.When there is a segmentation fault the program will stop there.
7.You can see the instruction which causes the segmentation fault.
8.Type “backtrace” without quotes to trace back the segmentation fault.It ll show a number a frames
which are all the reason for segmentation fault.
9.Type “frame frameno” without quotes (to check a particular instruction).
10.There you can find the values of variables by “print variablename” command.

thats all friends,No more worries about segmentation fault.
cheers,Happy programming….


Hai Friends, In the archieves of my blog you can find a post as “Blocking Websites in Windows XP ” .In that post i explained a technique to block websites in your system by using the operating system’s “host file”.Some people feel it is a little bit difficult. Later I feel that why cant i make a GUI for this.So that peoples can easily block websites without spending any bucks.So I developed an Application to block websites using Java Swing.More specific informations are given in the read me ( you can find in it the zip file you are going to download) file. I fix some bugs in it.In future if you find any bugs in it..Jus mail me and i ll be there to fix those bugs.It is free to download and redistribute.

Download Link : click here to download WebBlocker V 1.0.rar