Ubuntu Softwares

Hi Friends,

It ll be easy for the users to migrate from windows to Ubuntu , if they know the exact equivalent softwares for their need.So i decided to put the info about ubuntu software.Hope it ll be useful.

Music Player : Rhythmbox

Video Player : VLC ( Video LAN)

NotePad : Text editor

MS Office : Open Office

Browser : Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome , Opera,Epiphany ( Added by mulenmar )

IM : Empathy( Best one )Pidgin,Kopete

Yahoo Messenger : GYache

Programming : NetBeans(Java,PHP,ruby,python),

Glade(pythonUI),Scream ( HTML ),gPHP,QT Designer( python UI)

CodeBlocks(C,C++),QT Designer(python GUI)

Docks,Widgets : Screenlet,gDesklets

Virtualization : Sun Virtualbox,VM ware.


Mail : Evolution,ThunderBird

Abobe Photoshop : Gimp , GimpShop

3D Animator : Blender

Chat : Pidgin ( Not good always ) , kopete,amsn ,prism

And a lot of Exciting Stuffs.

The list will be updated Periodically…..

If you know any other good stuffs you can shout your thought through the commands….


8 thoughts on “Ubuntu Softwares

  1. On the browser, don’t forget Epiphany! Although, come to think of it, I’m not entirely sure it still comes in the default install — I converted to Debian when Intrepid came out.

  2. any good voice chat app for Ubuntu , whereby i could voice call my gmail contacts ?
    i know skype is a good one , though not for gmail contacts …

    • Try epiphany..I dont use it yet.But its the ly voice chat i hope…little googling ll help you..and try ilugc mailing list and ubuntuforums..both are very dynamic..i remember that you can find a post regarding voice chat in linuxmonk.org

    • Empathy is promisingly good..and it has a voice chat option..I hope in near future it ll be integrated with gtalk.Have a try..

  3. hello sir….. i am using ubuntu 10.10 i have problem… that i am unable to update… i need to change the proxy address… your written on your blog about changing of ip address on fedora ….

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